Canadian fiction, crime fiction, mystery

The Maid

October 13, 2022

The premise does not seem original (the hook on the front cover: “YOU DON’T SEE HER. BUT SHE SEES YOU…”) nor does the narrative gimmick of an individual with ASD participating in a crime investigation. And yet, this is a pleasant, swiftly engaging read with a well executed plot. The main character Molly and her relationship with her Gran are particularly well developed. The reader is rooting for Molly immediately, as she’s lost her Gran’s pragmatic wisdom and warm affection, and she finds herself in financial straits due to a thieving ex-beau. There were some scenes in which Molly’s cleaning of hotel rooms and her own apartment made me feel like the most disastrously germ-ridden slob in the world. In short, this is a good little cozy, perfect for fall reading.

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