Contemporary U.S. Literature, crime fiction, Drama, mystery

Gone Girl

August 17, 2022

Nefarious characters, noir plot. I, for one, loved the end. Weaponizing reproduction–what a concept. I did not like like Amy, but I respected her and I think it would be a fun intellectual challenge to defend some of her choices. Of course I read this a decade after folks had spoiled the plot, and my readerly sympathies were with Nick much of the way through. But I can conceive of an argument that Amy was a product of patriarchal capitalism. Her choices were always already constrained by the ways she’d been produced or construed by other folks with more power. I do wonder how my reading experience would have gone if I had not always known she was faking her disappearance. I think the movie’s popularity leaked some of the book’s biggest secrets. The movie is next on my list!

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