British, Drama

Normal People

February 8, 2020

I affirm that Sally Rooney is a very clever writer, attuned to nuance of language and social behavior. How else would I be so compelled to read a novel about…

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Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine

May 17, 2019

Captain Raymond Holt narrates this book. Wait, no that’s not quite right. It’s, rather, a Scottish woman who is channeling her mother’s hyper-grammatically-correct-judgmental voice. Don’t let the Reese Witherspoon endorsement…

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British, crime fiction, mystery

Magpie Murders

December 29, 2018

About fifteen pages into this book, I started thinking about one of my favorite TV shows, Midsomer Murders. The book starts out exactly that way, introducing a network of characters, all…

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